Single & Multi-bets



Any bet on the outcome of only one game is called a single. Regardless of a person's current handicapping skills, the single bet is considered the “go to” option with regard to NFL wagering. Such bets do not involve combinations or parlays. Those participating in NFL wagering for the first time should probably focus on making a single bet. Anything beyond this type of wagering moves into the area of exotic betting and adds a certain level of risk to the activity that must subsequently be managed.

Single wagers should be considered the building blocks of the bettor's bankroll. The objective is obviously to get more right than wrong. As a general rule, one must wager $11 to win an additional $10. Therefore, to make a profit, a success rate of 52.4 percent or higher is necessary.

Fortunately, multiple single bets can be rolled into one enormous wager. A bettor can take as many as 20 singles and put them together. However, each wager is processed individually, and therefore such a wager is not a combination or parlay bet. Multi-single wagers serve a good purpose, as they allow the bettor to manage his or her bet sizing in an efficient manner. Additionally, one can enter a different bet amount for each straight bet made..