Buying Points



There is a price tag attached to virtually everything in life. However, certain things are worth even more than the price for which they are sold. Regarding NFL betting, a half a point is one of the most valuable commodities you can acquire. This is because it makes risk management as easy as possible. For example, if you are like most football fans, you have probably observed NFL betting lines that look somewhat like the following:

Miami Dolphins +3.5
Dallas Cowboys -3.5

NFL point spreads at or near the infamous three can be quite frustrating. For instance, maybe you want to bet on the Cowboys, but have concerns that a field goal will the decide the game. This is a legitimate concern, as approximately 15 percent of all NFL games end with a margin that close. Thankfully, you can boost your chances of winning by purchasing a half a point and betting the Cowboys -3. That way, if they do win by 3, it becomes a push rather than a loss. Alternatively, you could purchase a half point on the Dolphins, making them a +4, if you so desire. Provided you consistently move the point to a round number, you can use this technique with any bet involving a spread, including Round Robins and parlays. 

As you probably already know, 3 and 7 are the coveted numbers in NFL betting, and therefore you can expect the price to be a bit higher if your intent is to move to those numbers. Referring to the aforementioned example game, if your plan is to purchase half a point on the Dolphins, you must bet $120 instead of wagering the classic $110 to win $100. Nevertheless, to purchase that exceptionally valuable half-point on the Cowboys, your wager must be $135 to win $100. However, moving to a +7 from a 6.5 or to a 7 from a 7.5 will only cost $125 to win $100, since 3 is a much more common winning margin than seven.