Handicapping is a term that can be used in several ways. For example, it may describe the practice of assigning advantage to certain sports participants through scoring compensation to equalize winning chances among the players. In NFL football, handicappers are those who use various methods to calculate which team has the advantage in a particular game, as well as predict results for the purpose of betting against the point spread. 

Among the first well known sports handicappers in America was Jimmy Snyder, who often went by the nickname “Jimmy the Greek.” He worked for CBS throughout his career on network's Sunday morning program, “The NFL Today.” However, at that time, betting on sports games was usually frowned upon, and therefore Snyder could not specifically mention betting on games while on the air. However, the public's opinion of sports betting and handicappers in general has changed throughout the years. For instance, William “Billy” Walters was interviewed on 60 Minutes when news of his abilities as a handicapper became well-known. Although it is something anyone can learn, predicting and quantifying the results of any sports game takes a certain level of talent and skill.