NFL Halftime Betting



Halftime NFL betting has become very popular in the last few years and you can see this, as many sportsbooks will offer the halftime bet. The name says it all in this type of wager, as you are betting on the outcome of the game, but after the first half is already been played. Because of this at halftime the sportsbooks will post a new spread and a new total.

The sportsbook will see the score of a game and other factors and then post the new halftime bet. You can get a feel for the game by watching the first half and come up with some good info, but you also have to know that the books will know this as well and post their odds accordingly. Obviously, halftime is not very long so you do not have a lot of time to make this bet. Typically, you will have 15 minutes or so to make a NFL halftime bet. One important factor when making any sports bet is finding the best odds possible. This goes for the NFL halftime bet as well, but you do not have a lot of time to find the book with the most favorable odds for the bet you want to make.

I mentioned that you can get a feel for a game by watching the first half, but there are other things you really need to look for. Injuries are the most important thing to see if there are any big ones. Other things to keep a sharp eye on are turnovers, how a defense is performing, and how the QB and RB are playing in picking up yards or struggling to get them. Another thing to look for is if a team made adjustments in the 2nd quarter after the first quarter in what they were doing.

One important thing in making a halftime bet is make sure you know the info on the first half. OK, it is better to watch the game, but if you are not make sure you have all the important scoring info. For example, let’s say the Bears are beating the Vikings 24-7 at halftime. You would think the Bears may be the safe halftime bet. However, they scored their 3 TD on a punt return, interception, and fumble recovery. If you don’t have the info you would think they are THE pick since they are winning big. However, their offense only scored three points. A blind bet is never a good one to make, meaning not doing any handicapping, but this is especially the case for a halftime bet.

Many times bettors will hedge their straight bet by making the halftime bet. A rule of thumb is that hedging bets can be the easiest and quickest way to lose money. Yeah, you may win the halftime bet to held the straight bet and break even, but if you lose both you will not be a happy camper.