NFL Parlay Betting



NFL parlay betting is betting on 2-10 games where all the games in the parlay have to be a winner for you to win the bet. Obviously, it is much harder to pick multiple games and because of this the payout is much better. The more games that you pick for a NFL parlay bet the more the payout will be. However, again you have to win all the bets for it to be a winner. Let’s say you make a 6-game parlay and your first 5 games you win, but the 6th you lose. The bet is still a losing one, as you have to win all the games for the parlay to be a winner.

In NFL parlay betting you can bet the point spread, total, or both. So, for example, you can have the Redskins -7, the Bears +3, and take the Over for the Panthers vs. Packers game at 48 the Redskins will have to win by more than 7 points, the Bears to win or lose by less than 3 points, and the total of the Panthers vs. Packers game to go over 48 points for the bet to be a winning one.

A parlay bet is a good one to make if you have a good feeling about multiple games and want a better payout. Sure, you could bet on 3 individual games and if you win all 3 you could have a solid payout, but if you make a 3-team parlay bet and all of the games you wager on win the payout will be a very significant one. If you make an 8-game parlay bet and you win them all the payout will be a very big one, but, as you know, it is hard enough to pick one game much less 8.

The parlay bet for the NFL is all about risk vs. reward, as the risk is greater betting on multiple games, but the reward is also greater if the bet is a winning one.

You may wonder what happens in a NFL parlay bet if one of the games is a tie? Let’s say you make a 4-game parlay bet and you win the first 3 bets and in the last game with the Seahawks favored by 7 points over the Bills they win 37-30. Well, they won by exactly 7 points, which was the spread and this game is considered a push and the bet taken out of the equation. So in this example you will win the bet, but the one game is taken out so your 4-game parlay is now a 3-game parlay.

It is very important to handicap any kind of bet, but this is especially the case for parlay betting. This is because the payout is much better so getting a leg up on the sportsbook and getting all the info you can will make it more likely that the bet will be a winning one.

One advantage of a parlay bet is that is easier on the your pocketbook. Instead of betting several individual games you can make a parlay for one single bet and while, again, the payout is bigger yet harder to win you are only making one bet instead of several. If you make individual bets and lose them all it can be a much bigger bite than losing all your games in a parlay, which is a single wager. Just like an individual bet you should still shop around to find the best odds possible. This is especially the case for a parlay bet since you have to win multiple games.