NFL Win Totals Betting



One of the bets that you can make for NFL is betting win totals. Sportsbooks will put out a number and you can bet Over or Under that number for the amount of wins during the regular season. The bet has to be made before the regular season begins and you have to wait the entire season to wait to see if you cash in. You can find good value on a team if you look at some important factors.

Team depth is very important to look at when you are looking at the win totals bet. Injuries are a part of football and you have to look at the depth of a team, especially at key positions. Obviously, the biggest position is at QB. Look at the 2015 season when Tony Romo went out with an injury and they got horrible play from the backups and ending up with a 4-12 campaign.

A solid QB backup is something to pinpoint as well as the other positions of RB and WR. Also key offensive line backups are important, as the line sees many injuries and the guys in the trenches are the ones that keep the QB upright and open up holes for the running game.

Popular teams will tend to have higher win totals not only because they are solid, which they usually are, but also because since the public bets on them more they have inflated odds i.e. higher win totals. Teams such as the Patriots and Packers have had higher win totals the last few years since they are solid, but also because the public wagers on them more often. Betting on teams like this can be a solid bet, but you have to be aware of this point and also know that a team that has a solid season in the previous one will be playing a tougher schedule.

Strength of schedule is a very important factor to look into when making a NFL totals bet. Obviously, the sportsbook that has the posted odds for the win total will know this as well and post odds accordingly, but you still have to look at a team’s strength of schedule. How strong is the team’s division they play in? This is important, as they will face those teams twice a season. Now in the NFL season every division will face another division and that is something to keep an eye out for. In the last couple of years the AFC South has been the weakest division in football and divisions facing them have been successful.

You also need to look at out of division home and away games. For example, let’s say the AFC South will be the weakest division, which it still is entering the 2016 season. Now teams from the AFC East will face them once. If the Patriots play the two tougher division teams of the Colts and Texans at home and have road games facing the weaker teams in the Jaguars and Titans then their win total odds will show that.

Just like every other bet handicapping the win totals bet is important. The more info you get on a team in making this type of bet the more of a chance you have to have a winning wager.