Point Spread VS MoneyLine NFL Betting



The point spread is the most common ways to bet on a NFL game, but most sportsbooks will also put out a moneyline for a game. In the spread a team is giving or getting points to get even money on a game with a 2:1 payout while a moneyline is a straight bet with odds and payout different for the favorite and the underdog. OK, so which is the best bet to make?

Many times the moneyline bet is a good one to make over the point spread when looking at small underdogs. Let’s say that that the Broncos are a 2-point favorite over the Dolphins in Miami. If you make the point spread bet and wager on the Dolphins you are only getting 2 points with a 2:1 payout. Now in a moneyline bet you will be not getting those points, but if the moneyline is Broncos -140 / Dolphins +155 you will be wagering $100 to win $155, so the payout is a better one. Smaller underdogs that cover will often win the game, as the spread is a small one. Because of this the moneyline can be the better option when you want to wager on slight underdogs.

Ok, so it may be better to use the moneyline on small underdogs and conversely the point spread is better to take when you want to bet on the big favorites. Let’s say you are betting on a team that is giving 10 points. Yeah, you have to give 10 points, but they are the big favorite and the odds may be in your favor, as it is more likely that the team you bet on will win in a blowout rather than be upset. This is especially the case for big favorites at home. Yeah, the moneyline will give you a very significant payout, but the big underdog will not win often.

In looking at the case above the Patriots were a pretty good home betting team in 2015 and this especially the case when they were the big favorite. In their home games facing the Titans, Redskins, and Jaguars they were favorite by 14.5 points, 13.5 points, and 14.5 points. Yeah, those are big spreads and they covered it all 3 times.

The moneyline on underdogs offer much greater value, but you have to pick the team to win and not cover. If you are not sure about a winner and want to get some points than the point spread is the good bet to take. On the other side of the coin if you think a team will really win the game the moneyline is a solid bet to take.

Betting favorites using the moneyline is a dicey proposition. First you are betting more to make less and if there is an upset you are out a pretty penny. If you are sure the Packers will beat the Bears with a moneyline of Packers -240 vs. Bears +290 you will have to wager $240 to win $100. If they do not win your NFL betting bankroll will be taking a big hit.

The point spread and the moneyline bet in football gives you a couple of solid options. There are times when each is beneficial and you have to pinpoint those in order to get the most bang for your betting buck.