Preseason NFL Betting



Betting on the preseason in the NFL is much different than betting in the regular season. Many people to stay away from it since the starters do not play much, depending on how close the preseason game is to the regular season, and the games do not mean anything. However, you can make some dough betting on the preseason by looking for a few things.

You should be aware that the close to the season the preseason games are the easier they are to handicap, as the starters will play more.

Just like regular season games you need to handicap preseason ones as well. The more information you have, which comes from handicapping, the better your chances are to make a smarter, i.e., more successful wager. Just like regular season NFL games you need to look at such factors as a team’s offense and defense, match-ups, injuries, and weather.

One key thing to look for when betting on the preseason is to check the depth chart, especially for the skill positions of QB and RB. Does the team have a solid backup at these positions? This is important to look for since they will see more action in the preseason. A proven backup QB can give a team a better chance to win in the preseason. On the other side of the coin a rookie QB takes longer to pick up the playbook and they may be more prone to making mistakes. There is a term 2-deep when it comes to teams in the NFL, which means they are two players deep at a position. Teams that are two deep, again, especially at the skill positions, may be a better preseason NFL bet.

Many times in preseason games, especially in the 2nd half, the starters will be on the bench and the players in the game will be fighting to make the team. Look for teams that have experience at the key positions. Late in the game would you rather have an experienced backup QB or a QB that was a late round draft choice? Obviously, you would want the more experienced player in there when you have money on the game.

In the preseason NFL head coaches will typically let the media know how much their key players will play. Make sure you know how much the bigger players will see action in the preseason. Top this point star QB’s like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Andrew Luck will not see much preseason action, as they are proven winners and also too valuable to risk an injury. Speaking of injuries also check out if key players are coming back from a major injury the previous season, as the will not only not play as much, but they will not be going full bore to ease back into game-shape.

One more thing to check out when betting on the preseason is the head coach. Look to see how coaches play the preseason in playing key players more or playing the backups more. Also, look to see if a coach is on the hot seat, as they may put some more weight into preseason games, as any win is key for a coach that needs a good season to keep their job.

Many people do not bet on preseason games because the games do not mean anything and key players, obviously, do not play as much. However, if you take some of the tips in this article into consideration you can increase your chances of making a more intelligent bet when making a preseason NFL wager.