Round Robin



Round Robin is an advanced type of wagering option for those betting football games. However, the strategy requires organization skills on the part of the bettor. It involves parlay bets that are played in a special way, hence their name, Round Robin. For instance, suppose a better has three NFL betting lines from three different games that he or she decides to parlay: 

Carolina Panthers+10
Jacksonville Jaguars +15
Kansas City Chiefs +11

All three can be combined in a 3-team $300 parlay, in which the bettor's payout would be based on 6/1 odds if each of the 3 covered the spread. Of course, that is a risky bet for essentially anyone. With the Round Robin, on the other hand, the bettor can make 3 different 2-team, parlay bets costing $100 each. For example: 

Panthers +10


Chiefs +15

Hypothetically, the Panthers and Jaguars both cover, but the Chiefs do not. This means that only the first part of the Round Robin turned out the way the bettor desired. However, he or she still makes a profit on the wager. This because each part of the bet is processed individually, so the bettor would have acquired $264.50 for winning what was essentially a 2-team parlay bet, even though the other two parts lost. The total of those combined losses amount to $200. When those numbers are compared to a total loss on a 3-team parlay, it quickly comes into perspective. Round Robin bets can be played on up to 8 NFL betting lines simultaneously, creating parlays of up to 6 teams. This way of betting is considered an ideal avenue through which to manage risk.