Teaser Bets



In NFL wagering, a teaser is when those betting take all games they have placed in a parlay bet and adjust the totals–point spreads–for the purpose of making the desired outcomes more likely to occur. However, the bettor is also reducing his or her potential payout: that is the bargain he or she must make if a lower risk is desired. There are three different types of teaser bets in the NFL. These are 6 points, 6.5 points and 7 points. The higher the number of points one chooses to tease by, the lower the eventual payout for that bettor. The following is an example of the formula:

Raiders -4

If a bettor uses a 6-point teaser on this match, the numbers will change to the following:

Raiders +2

Odds like this give the Raiders a much better chance of covering the spread and for the “over” to go higher than the posted total. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the payout in this scenario is -110. This means that an $11 wager will pay $10, rather than $29.10. On the other hand, if the bettor had purchased a 6.5-point teaser, a -120 pay out could be expected. The pay out for a 7-point teaser would be-130. 

Teasers can be used in any parlay bet that includes up to 10 teams. The most advantageous time to utilize teasers is when the bettor can move the point spread so that it transverses one of the “magic numbers” in the NFL, such as 3 or 7, as more NFL games are determined by a touchdown or field goal than anything else. In the scenario outlined above, the Raiders would not have covered if a field goal had won the game for them; however, they would have covered if the teaser was in place.